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Missed the UCAS deadline?
..don't worry

WHAT to do next

Although the “on time” deadline for UCAS has now passed, you can still apply for all Futureworks courses.

We continue to give all applications equal consideration until the next deadline which is 30th June 2024.

It’s best to get your application in as soon as possible, but we would encourage you to take the time to make your application the best it can be!

If you’d like to apply please log in to UCAS

For information on Personal Statements and more see

If you’d like to find out more about our courses, life at Futureworks, or talk to our tutors and students, then book yourself on to one of our online open days.

Or call our admissions team on 0161 214 4602 or email them at [email protected]


Institution Code

The institution code for Futureworks is ‘F98’. Previously our courses were listed under UCLAN as this is our validating university. You must now apply directly to Futureworks.


BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production


BA (Hons) Music Production


BSc (Hons) Game & Interactive Audio


BA (Hons) Visual Effects


BA (Hons) Post Production for Film & TV


BA (Hons) Independent Filmmaking


BA (Hons) Digital Animation with Illustration


BA (Hons) Game Art


BA (Hons) Games Design