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BA (Hons) Degree
Music Production

There’s more to being a music producer than people realise. This degree course in music production is designed to expose you to all elements of the job – creating great music is only part of the story.

Our team of industry active tutors will work with you on the latest software in our studios, to build and manage large-scale projects; to enhance what you’re already doing in order to develop your experience in areas that will benefit you and your future career.

Think of it like this… Your first day on this degree course is your first day in the industry. The challenge to you is; Can you sustain it? Can you build on it to forge a rewarding career? In our experience, you can.

Our degree BA (Hons) in Music Production is at the centre of the Futureworks’ creative community, mirroring media industries around us. There are games design teams and animators who need sound; film students looking for original music, sound effects and dialogue – it’s a media production hub, bursting with potential, talent and creative opportunity.



If you haven’t checked out the virtual tour yet, then you should do. The studios here at Futureworks will impress you, we promise. And these incredible facilities will be available to you throughout your studies. No matter what genre of music, we will have the right combination of live room, studio, hardware and software for you.

To help you make the most of your experience at Futureworks, we have an outstanding team of tutors on hand to guide you through your studies. All our tutors are currently active in one form or another within the music industry. For example, our staff include the owner of a record label, a highly experienced and successful record producer and a commercial music composer. We think it is essential that your teaching team are part of the industry as it ensures that the knowledge that they pass on is relevant and current. It also means that they have excellent industry contacts that our students can tap into for real-world projects. Many commercial ‘live’ briefs are completed by students and you will have the opportunity to acquire professional credits during your time at Futureworks while building up an enviable list of contacts ready for your new career.

Another unique aspect of Futureworks is the way we are set up: we are a microcosm of the creative industries and you have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other departments. There are games teams that need sound, film students who want original soundtracks and post production classes that require sound effects – it’s a media production hub, bursting with potential talent and creative opportunity.

So if you believe that you are destined to be among the next generation of creative modern producers and you have an overwhelming passion for creating music, then this is the course for you.



As with all of our Bachelor of Arts degree programmes the opportunities and careers are broad and varied.

To name but a few…

Music Producer, Artist, Studio Engineer, Sound Designer, sonic art, live sound, game audio, film sound, Composer, Studio Manager, Label A&R, marketing, commercial branding and teaching.

Many of our students progress on to post-graduate study – MA and MSc programmes in Audio, Music Technology, Sound Design, Electroacoustic Composition and more besides



The final qualification for this programme is awarded by the University of Central Lancashire.