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We believe that as a student your first day at Futureworks IS your first day as an industry professional and our aim is to respond to your motivations for entering higher education by supporting you to build a platform from which to launch your future career as a media professional.

The media industry is developing rapidly, so much so last year there was a 7.3% increase in the number of jobs in the Creative Economy held by individuals with a higher education qualification reaching a total of 62% (DCMS – Creative Industries: Focus on Employment Report – June 2016).

Reacting to this positive trend Futureworks deliver to our students bespoke training that will give them the opportunity to reach the highest level of employability within their studies so that they can develop key professional skills such as teamwork, communication, networking and project management all of which boost confidence and enhance the required professional ethic.

Futureworks is internationally recognised for its cutting-edge media courses but most of all for its talented staff that share their professional knowledge whilst practising on a variety industry projects such as producing feature films, designing smartphone games, illustrating comics and producing music for adverts or bands.

Our tutors all continue to practise in the industry and are ideally placed to involve and integrate our students into their projects, giving practical knowledge and experience and keeping our courses on the cutting-edge of industry practices. Our Industry Advisory Group feeds directly into our Learning and Teaching Committee, ensuring our programs are comprehensive, intellectually stimulating, and finely tuned to industry demands.