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Every film goes through three stages; pre-production, production and post-production. Post Production is the rewarding creative activity that can make a good film or television programme great and if you choose to work as an editor, ultimately it’s your version that hits the screen. This is the final, and often most creative stage of the process.

The UK is a world leader for editors and Futureworks is a frontrunner in educating passionate dedicated students in the art of filmmaking. Working with award winning professionals on industry-standard equipment and the latest software, every student has the opportunity to realise their creative potential.

You will be working with various source materials, from Hollywood films, prime time TV, to footage you shoot yourself. Futureworks collaborates with producers throughout the country to get its students high class broadcast standard footage in a wide range of genres. In doing this our students replicate real programmes previously shown at the cinema and on TV, giving them a perfect grounding for life in the Post Production industry.

Upon graduation you will achieve not only a recognised degree qualification, but will also be equipped with a strong portfolio and showreel making you ready to hit the ground running on an exciting and fulfilling career.

This course, developed in consultation with industry, is designed to equip hard working and enthusiastic individuals with the skills to succeed as post production specialists with the ability to work as freelance editors or as part of a major production team.

The first year is the foundation of the course, introducing you to the building blocks of Post Production. Building on your first year, year two is essential in establishing a career focus and shaping your final year. In the final year of study, you will be completing a professional portfolio of work and will be focussing on an area of specialism in the field of Post Production.

Everything comes together in the honours project. Working with your course leader, you will come up with an idea that will become your final year project. This could be a narrative film, a short documentary, an academic dissertation – whatever it is, it will require you to utilise all the skills and abilities you have learned.


We want you to become a successful post-production artist. The course reflects the fact that the modern post-production role is so much more than just editing. It is about everything that comes before, and Futureworks with its film, TV and audio departments packed full of tutors and students who are passionate about their subjects, places you in the heart of a vibrant, knowledgeable and collaborative environment.

You will find yourself working closely with other students from our other degree courses – VFX, Filmmaking and Audio – on joint projects and learning from each other. It’s this outstanding integration that makes all Futureworks courses so vibrant – lots of creative and technical people all working together under one roof.

All our tutors have real world experience. Whether it’s feature film, TV documentary or corporate film experience, we only employ tutors who have worked in the industry, or in many cases, are still actively involved in real world projects. They are all professionals who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. These tutors also utilise their contacts as guest lecturers so the course content is always lively, exciting and highly relevant.

The links that Futureworks has with the industry mean that you will get the opportunity to work on live projects while you’re a student. We don’t do work placements. Instead you will be working as part of a team on real life jobs – they could be TV ads, short documentaries, web content or even feature films. Our partner organisations are always handing us live briefs and if you want to be a part of them, the opportunity is there for you.

In fact, Futureworks students have recently completed their own full length feature film which was financed by Futureworks and a Kickstarter campaign. More than 50 students contributed to the project under the directorship of the course leader.


In the area of post-production this could be as a freelance editor or post-production artist. We help you make contacts and partnerships that could last the whole of your career. Whether that’s working with independent directors, becoming associated with film production companies or working for an agency or design consultancy, the aim is the same: to help you achieve your ambition of developing a post-production career.

In today’s film industry, many roles are carried out by trusted freelancers or teams of freelancers. Therefore, Futureworks prepares students by giving them everything they need to embark on a successful and long-term freelance career.