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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Industry Advisory Group

The Futureworks Industry Advisory Group aims to integrate contemporary commercial practice into our academic delivery. Comprised of representatives from leading creative media businesses and members of Futureworks’ academic staff, the group’s main objective is to broaden and enhance the level and depth of knowledge and key skills that our students possess in preparation for graduation and their future careers.


Matthew Boone

Matthew is an experienced Filmmaker and Creative Director, proficient in all aspects of end-to-end video production. His areas of strength lie in building and developing creative campaign concepts across video, photography, and other visual assets for a diverse range of clients and projects for his company Made by Boone. In addition, he has produced a wide range of music videos for bands, creative clients, and organisations, bringing a high level of practical and commercial knowledge to our media schools.
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Enos Desjardins

Enos is an award-winning Finnish Canadian sound designer/editor based in London. He works on arthouse indie films all the way through to feature films, TV series, games and commercials as a sound effects editor, re-recording mixer, and supervising sound editor. Enos believes that sound is an integral part of the storytelling process, going beyond just making things sound good. He approaches each project with an open mind, attention to detail, and a desire to help tell the story, enhancing the audience’s experience and supporting the director’s vision.
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Jess Hider

Jess focuses on reimagining what gaming could be through restorative design. Having worked on a number of award-winning games and in a variety of roles across the industry, her adventures have led her into the natural and magical world of Everwild, as a Senior Designer at Rare Ltd. When taking a quiet moment to breathe on this journey, as a Mind member and campaigner, Jess explores how we can practice meditation, mindfulness, and self-care through video games and is deeply supportive of the ‘cozy games’ movement.
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Marie-Claire Isaaman

Marie-Claire is our Chair and CEO for Women in Games, an organisation that provides encouragement, support and advocacy for women and girls throughout the UK’s game industries and educational pipeline. She strives to improve the recruitment, retention, and progression of women by championing female talent and challenging gender imbalance, inequality, and discrimination
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Jey Kazi

Jey is the Lead Audio Designer at the world-class, award-winning game developer Sumo Digital’s Sheffield Studio. Throughout his career, he is worked on titles for both PC and Console, ranging from small indie teams right up to larger AAA studios. His approach to game audio is technical but also creative being comfortable working with middleware, scripting, and the game engines. In addition, he has a holistic approach to game development where feedback and teamwork are paramount.
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Pete Leonard

Pete is an Outsource Producer at Lucid Games, where he manages outsourcing production and operations. In addition, he manages the relationships, the pipeline of partners, and the production/budgeting for outsourced support. He spent five years at REALTIME on multiple projects from an outsource perspective while managing recruitment. Pete joined the studio side of the games/CG industry following a 12-year stint in games recruitment at Amiqus.
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Nigel Moore

Nigel co-runs Fuzzy Duck Creative and has been key to its continued growth and development, championing innovative technologies and creative methodologies. In addition, he is an experienced producer and project manager. As Production Director, he oversees 40 plus productions a year, including filming drama and documentary, motion graphics and animation, touchscreen interactive programs, audio sound installations, Apps, and websites.
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Demonét Stapleton-Rawlins

After receiving the ‘Best Work Award’ for his final project at the Futureworks Graduation ceremony, Demonét set up his own videography company called SuPeR OG Productions. He is Head of Videography at Leeds based marketing agency 21 Degrees Digital, responsible for creating and producing videos and photography for global brands such as Marks & Spencer, Foot Asylum, Audere and Angelica-Craft House (D&D London Group).
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Jode Steele

Jode is co-founder & composer at The Horror Vault and Verbal Vigilante Music, specialising in music production & publishing for media. He works with creative agencies, movie studios and production companies in Los Angeles, New York & London to deliver music & sound design for motion picture advertising campaigns and television shows.
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Angela Ankeli

Angela is a BA (Hons) graduate and creative artist of African heritage and has been active in the creative industries for over 20 years. She has applied her skills in media production, digital content creation, 3D character design, scriptwriting, storyboards, and animation. She trained with the BBC and Granada TV runs a consultancy and creative enterprise business that works with African & Caribbean community groups, charities, corporate and individual creatives focusing her activities on the UK and African territories. Angela is interested in all art forms, culture-history-heritage, STEM, and business enterprise.
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Richie Martin

Richie MartinRichie Martin graduated with a first-class ‘Game Art’ degree from Futureworks in 2016, developing into a highly skilled 3D Environment/Prop artist, demonstrating his passion for integrating art into games. He is currently working at Ubisoft in Düsseldorf, Germany, as an ‘Environment/Prop Artist’, having previously worked at Airship and Playground Games in the UK.
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Verdiana Saint Amour di Chanaz 

Long-time friend of Futureworks, Verdiana shapes sound to bring visuals to life. She uses her knowledge of psychoacoustics to transform moving image with sound using her experience as a sound editor and designer, while also applying her skills as an audio and dialogue engineer. She has worked on international feature films, commercials, and band projects.
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