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AVID Pro Tools Training

From the largest recording facilities to the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools® is the most popular sound creation and production system in the world.

Avid Training offers a comprehensive Pro Tools curriculum to help you get the most out it. Select individual courses or brush up on your Pro Tools skills. Work toward certification as a Pro Tools Operator or Pro Tools Expert to master Pro Tools systems and land your next gig. Whatever you choose, you’ll gain valuable skills while connecting with peers who share similar interests and abilities.

The program offers 100-, 200-, and 300- level courses to help you become proficient with Pro Tools systems.

Upcoming Course Dates:

AVID PT101 – Fundamentals I

  • 23/03/24 – 24/03/24 (closed)
  • 10/05/24 – 11/05/24 (closed)
  • 05/07/24 – 06/07/24

AVID PT110 – Fundamentals II

  • 05/04/24 – 07/04/24 (closed)
  • 17/05/24 – 19/05/24
  • 12/07/24 – 14/07/24


Avid Pro Tools Booking

To book on to one of our courses, use the button below. If you have any questions about the course, please email [email protected] or complete an enquiry form.

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