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Our visual effects degree is for anyone interested in creating the stunning VFX seen each day from the latest Hollywood and televisual epics to the creative innovation of high impact TV adverts. The United Kingdom is renowned for its skilled film makers and now boasts some of the biggest visual effects houses in the world.

Using the finest innovations in technology, our visual effects degree course covers the seamless integration of photo real computer-generated creatures, environments, assets and people. Your studies will cover the key areas of visual effects; from Rotoscoping and Keying to Tracking, Match moving and colour correction. Further in-depth studies such as digital set creation and destruction, matte painting, digital character creation, fluid, cloth and particle dynamics will refine your skills.

Extensive 3D studies, combined with the development of the visual effect skills mean that this course is the ideal platform to learn how to become a 3D modeller, texture and lighting artist, compositor or rendering technician. This is made possible through excellent tutor support, small class sizes which allow personalised support and the optimum in learning environments. Through this our institution strives to provide an environment which fosters creativity and open discourse.

In your first year you will develop the foundations of your programme of study, in terms of skills and knowledge. In the second year of your course, you will explore your own creative development and visual style, looking at possible career paths prior to your final year. In the final year of study, you will be completing a professional portfolio of work and will be focussing on the areas of personal and professional specialism in the field of visual effects.

Visual Effects Degree BA (Hons)


If there’s one thing that sets our course apart from others, it’s the outstanding industry contacts we utilise to your benefit. Most of our students take the opportunity to work on real world projects while they are still a student with us. Many students leave here with not just their qualification, but also their first film credits.

We have these great contacts because our tutors have come from the industry and we work hard to maintain partnerships with leading visual effects companies.

In addition, our tutor team is augmented by a variety of industry guest lecturers. This helps make sure that we stay in tune with current trends in the VFX world and helps you start to build your network of contacts.

It’s not just current trends – it’s current software too. We always use the same software that you will be expected to use in your future career. We constantly monitor the industry and review our software to make sure that you will be working on the relevant versions. The same goes for our workstations – industry standard hardware. And our new studio facility based in Mediacity is simply amazing.

Finally, there’s the small, highly-focused class sizes – it means we can give every student the individual guidance and help they need.

Why should you choose this course? Well, why wouldn’t you?


A Futureworks visual effects degree leads to a whole range of different careers – not just film and TV, but also roles in advertising, architecture and product design. There are many industries that now require visual effects professionals.

It’s worth noting that the biggest VFX companies are now based in the UK and the scope for careers is really positive. There are lots of opportunities in this growing and exciting industry for the right people, with the right education and the right experience. And that’s what Futureworks gives you.

The complete list of potential job roles for our students is too wide to list here, but it includes compositors, 3d modellers, R&D, lighting, visual effects operator… and you may end up as a skilled freelancer, working in an agencies or in a film production house – it’s such a wide and growing industry.

But film is where many of our students aim for. And they’ve aimed successfully! Our past students have worked on films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Paddington, Robocop and Ronin to name just a few.

Visual Effects Student Projects