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The future of the audio industry is interactive. Every day new applications and games are released. With millions of users across the globe buying into interactive content for their personal devices and home entertainment systems anyone serious about working in sound simply cannot ignore this exciting and rapidly expanding industry. The UK is a world leader in this field and Futureworks is a world leader in educating for this sector, teaching game and interactive audio since 2016.

  • Sound Design
  • Audio Engineer
  • Game Audio
  • Interactive Audio
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Excellent Course Structure
  • Industry Contacts
  • Creative Community
  • Broad Career Opportunites
  • Excellent Tutor Support
  • Real-World Briefs
  • Industry Standard Facilities
  • Year 1
    You will start by familiarising yourself with the various hardware, software applications, workflows and techniques used to record, edit, process and implement audio into both linear and dynamic media, such as animations and video games. You will be introduced to a range of industry-standard studios, practicing your creative and technical skills in order to produce audio that sounds great and is fit-for-purpose.
  • Year 2
    Building upon year 1, you will continue to develop your creative and technical skills with more advanced software such as middleware and have access to a wider range of studio environments. You will start to consider which specialist role you wish to pursue within the field of Sound Design for game and interactive media and start to hone your skills and knowledge in this area.
  • Year 3
    With a greater amount of autonomy, and armed with the ability to make informed creative and technical decisions, you will work towards creating a body of work that demonstrates your ability within your chosen specialism. The work you produce within your Honours project can form the centrepiece of your professional portfolio, and alongside a growing confidence to demonstrate your expertise, you will aspire to make your first steps into the Industry upon completion of the programme.

Why Choose The Game and Interactive Audio Degree at Futureworks?

This course, developed in consultation with industry, is designed to equip hard working and enthusiastic individuals with the skills to succeed as an audio engineer. It is a perfect blend of the technical and creative. If you are passionate about sound and music, love games and relish complex technical challenges, then this is the course for you.

We’re looking for students who are intrigued by the tech that improves our everyday lives and who want to be the next generation of interactive audio designers.

If you are interested in a career in the future of sound and music, this course will give you the head start you need.

This course is validated by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Your Game and Interactive Audio Careers Opportunities

Working as part of an app development team, on a AAA or indie game, working on a film or music production project; the audio specialist’s role is varied and often involves one, or all of the following:

Sound Design, Music Production, Composition, Arranging, Recording, Dialogue Editing, Audio Programming, Sound Effects Recording, Sound Effects Editing, Foley, script editing, version control, asset management, data wrangling, vocalisations (animal, human, alien), efforts, backgrounds, cut scenes, trailers and cinematics, asset design and more besides.

Location & Teaching

You will study at our Riverside Campus, located in the centre of Manchester. As part of your course, some of your lessons may take place at our filming facility, Futureworks Studios located in MediaCityUK, a few miles from the city centre.

Futureworks recognises that the skills, competencies and contribution of its staff are vital to the delivery of high quality Higher Education. All programmes are managed by a dedicated Programme Leader and team of experienced tutors, and our excellent links with industry employers mean you’ll have access to exciting guest lectures and fantastic opportunities to gain experience on real-world projects.

“I really enjoyed how much creative freedom I felt I had when taking this course. The tutors helped me develop very necessary skills for my field and also made the learning environment very relaxed to be in.”

Coel Dyckhoff
BSc (Hons) Game & Interactive Audio Student

Game & Interactive Audio
Game & Interactive Audio