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Induction & Enrolment

Enrolment is the process through which you officially become a student at Futureworks. It’s where we gather information about you and register you on our systems, and where you find out everything you need to know in order to begin your studies.  

Welcome Week

This is the week before teaching starts, when enrolment and various social activities take place. It is usually the first week of September, so if you are moving you should make sure your chosen accommodation provider allows you to move in at this time. 


The process of enrolling involves us collecting certain information about you and seeing certain documentation. Parts of enrolment can be completed online, but others need to be done in person at Futureworks. Everyone with a confirmed offer of a place will be sent detailed information about enrolment over the summer, but there are a few things you should make sure you have arranged in advance.  

To help you prepare, the following is a list of things you should have ready: 

  • Photographic ID: Usually a passport of driving license. They must be valid and in date otherwise we will not be able to accept them. If you absolutely cannot get hold of either of these then you should get in touch with us as early as possible. 
  • Qualifications Certificates: Regardless of whether you have been given a conditional or unconditional offer, we will need to see copies of your highest-level qualifications and your Maths & English GCSE (or equivalent) certificates. You should make sure you know where these are, and if you have lost of never received them you may need to order copies from your exam board. For any qualifications you’ve taken in the summer before enrolment we understand that you may not yet have received the certificates, so please bring in a transcript of your grades – we will ask you to bring the full certificate in once it has been sent to you. 
  • Personal Details: Your full name, date or birth, phone number, home and term time address (if you are moving to study with us) and email address. Schools and colleges often remove your access to email accounts they provide once you have left, so we recommend making sure you have set up your own email account. If you have legally changed any part of your name and it no longer matches your photographic ID, or if you have different documents with different names on, we will need to see the deed poll confirming this name change. 
  • Funding Information: If you are paying your course fees using a tuition fee loan from Student Finance then we will need to see confirmation that you have arranged this. Once your application for a loan is approved you will be sent a Notification of Entitlement Letter (also known as a Payment Schedule Letter or similar) which shows the amount of funding you have been awarded, alongside other details such as your course and payment dates. You need to send this letter to us via email – the easiest way to do so is to download a copy of it from your online Student Finance account. If you are not receiving a loan and are instead paying your fees yourself (or someone is paying them on your behalf) you will need to inform us and arrange a suitable payment plan. 



As a part of enrolment you will also be required to attend your inductions. These are sessions where staff members talk you through important information and processes at Futureworks – they are mandatory to attend, as without them you will not have the information you need to begin your studies. 

Student Services Induction: Our Student Services department will talk to you about the support available at Futureworks, and how you can access it. You will learn where to go if you need help with things like mental health, disabilities, and financial support, as well as who to contact if you are having issues with Student Finance, would like to set up or join a society, or would like to become a Student Partner. 

Facilities Induction: Our Facilities department will go through everything you need to know about accessing the building and resources safely and effectively. They will show you have to access your Futureworks emails and the VLE, as well as how to book out studios and equipment. You will also be shown what to do in case of an emergency such as a fire, and who to contact if you or anyone else requires First Aid. 

Course Induction: You will meet your Programme Leader, the person who is in charge of your course, and they will talk to you about what to expect when you start your journey with us. You will learn where your lessons will take place, what you need to prepare or bring with you, and what modules you will cover. They will also talk to you about coursework and the types of submissions you may have, as well as Personal Tutors and how to get academic support. 

After your inductions you are invited to attend a social for your School, where you will get to meet other students from a range of courses and years. This is a great chance to make friends and do some networking, and your tutors will be there too so you can have a chat and get to know them. 

Running Start

Running Start is an event to help students enrol onto their course in a more relaxed and quieter environment, and to help you get to know Futureworks before you start studying with us.  

You may wish to attend Running Start due to mental health conditions such as anxiety or because you need more time to complete paperwork and process information. As well as this, you may simply feel happier and more confident in a quieter environment. You may also be a mature student who has been out of education for a long time, new to the UK or a care-experienced student. The event will talk you through all stages of enrolment and help you do any forms / paperwork that you need to complete.  

During Running Start, you will: 

  • complete all enrolment paperwork with support of staff 
  • have your picture taken for your ID card 
  • have a guided tour around Futureworks so you feel more confident for your first week 
  • be given technical information including log on details, email & VLE passwords 
  • be given information about support services at Futureworks 
  • meet and get to know our Welfare Officer 
  • ask questions to members of the Student Services, Admissions and Facilities departments 
  • hear from current students who will tell you what you need to know about Futureworks! 

Our Running Start event usually takes place during the daytime the week before enrolment week in September (so two weeks before your course starts).  

If you would like to attend Running Start, please get in touch at [email protected] or call 0161 214 4610 and speak to our Welfare Officer.