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Student Voice

At Futureworks we encourage and welcome feedback on all aspects of the student experience and we ensure that systems are in place to give our students a voice. Our courses are designed for you and the best way for us to improve our courses, facilities and services that we offer is by listening to what you have to say.


“Student Partners are the backbone of the Futureworks student community – we help get your feedback to the right ears. It’s our responsibility to give you opportunities to speak your mind and give feedback on your time at Futureworks and how it could be improved. We then take that feedback and ensure it gets to the appropriate channels, whether that be Student Services, Facilities, Programme Leaders and Heads of School, or even Senior Management!”Student Partner Committee

Student Partners

Each of our 9 courses elects a Student Partner for year of each class. Student Partners meet once a month to plan events and campaigns, voice any concerns or feedback from the student body, and support clubs and societies. In addition to this, they are in frequent communication with the other students in their cohort so that they can feedback to School Committees at the end of every term.School Committees are held once a semester and provide Student Partners with a platform to deliver the feedback given from peers and discuss it with staff. Heads of School, Programme Leaders for each course, Student Services and Facilities staff attend these meetings, giving Partners the opportunity to talk about how things are going and what can be done in order to improve things on their courses and across the whole of Futureworks.

Lead Student Partners

One representative for each school is elected to become a Lead Student Partner. It is their responsibility to represent their schools as a whole.Alongside attending School Committees, Lead Student Partners represent the student body at institutional level meetings. The Academic Board provides a forum for students to engage in the Futureworks’ institutional-level decision-making process, and gives them the opportunity to provide input from the student body and contribute to decisions which will affect all students within Futureworks. They give students a voice within Futureworks at a management level which helps to promote a partnership between both staff and students.

Principal Student Partner

The Principal Student Partner is voted for by the entire student body to represent all students at Futureworks.It is their responsibility to organise the Student Partner body as a whole: they schedule monthly Student Partner Committee meetings, meeting times, set the agenda, and chair the discussions during these meetings alongside their other responsibilities as a Student Partner.

The Principal Student Partner attends institutional level meetings and is the main voice of the student body. They are also invited to attend the Industry Advisory Group meetings, where industry leaders work with Futureworks staff to help shape our educational programs.

What Our Students Have Said About Being a Student Partner

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Principal Student Partner experience. It made me comfortable running and organising meetings on my own agenda. Its built my confidence up, improved my teamworking and communication skills which helped me in the transition to a professional work environment. I’m a much better team player because of the experience!”

Lucas Street, Principal Student Partner 2021-2022

“The Student Partner role is an extremely valuable asset to Futureworks, where I’ve developed my skills in communication, teamwork, and problem solving. The experience is highly rewarding and is key for improving the student and social experience.”

Macy Lomas, Principal Student Partner 2022-2023

“Being a student partner has given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on my education and see changes that I and others have wanted made. I have greatly valued my time helping my friends and improving our experience and community.”

Edward Monger, Lead Student Partner for Art & Design 2021 -2023

“Taking on the job of a student partner has helped my communication skills to both my peers and industry professionals. I have learnt critical thinking and problem solving to bridge ideas and suggestions that improve the life of my fellow students. Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time as a student partner and hope to use these skills in my future.”

Maxx Lancaster, Lead Student Partner for Sound & Music, 2022-2023

“Being a Student Partner helped give me a sense of belonging at Futureworks, and on top of being a great way to bolster your self-esteem and social skills, it feels incredibly rewarding to see the ideas we put forward be realised in real time. All in all – go for it!”

Joe Weatherby, Student Partner 2023-2023

“Becoming a Student Partner has made me realise that our opinions as students matter to Futureworks as a whole.”

Mark Noble, Student Partner 2022-2023

“l have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Student Partner. It has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with both staff and students from all creative backgrounds, and I truly feel as though I am making a positive impact for current and future students.”

Emily Marshall, Student Partner 2022-2023

Students’ Union

As a degree student, you will automatically become a member of the Students Union (SU) at our partner University. The SU is the representative body for all partner University students and exists as a separate organisation to the University. Their mission is to “make life better for students” and each year they hold elections for a student affairs committee. It is a great way to get involved in a democratic body which involves students at every level of decision making.The SU offers a wide range of facilities which you can access, including societies and sports teams, volunteering opportunities and advice and representation. For more information about what the SU has to offer visit their website.