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Personal Tutors

Futureworks is committed to the development of our students as self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners. The principle of inclusion and the drive towards the employability of our students is reflected in the support we offer.

All of our courses have study skills elements embedded in to their content to help you develop key skills such as time management and referencing. A focus on continual development throughout each year also enables the tutors to work with you to identify key areas for development as you progress through your course.

Degree students can access a wide range of learning support materials online through our partner University, including study smarter training videos and a dedicated eLearn section. For more information about what you can access online take a look at our Partner University Facilities page.

If you have a disability or learning difficulty which means that you require additional support throughout your studies, the first thing you need to do is make sure that we are aware of this. You can find more information about declaring your disability, and what support we can offer you on our Disability Support page.


Personal Tutors

When you begin your course with Futureworks you will be allocated a Personal Tutor who will play a central role in your learning experience. Working in conjunction with Student Services, Module Tutors, Programme Leaders and Heads of School, personal tutors provide the support, advice and guidance that will enable you to gain the most from your studies with us.

Having a specific personal tutor means that you know there is always someone there for you to talk to. They can help you out with matters concerning your course and advise you or direct you to the best person to speak to regarding any pastoral matters.