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Accommodation options

Manchester boasts one of the largest student populations in Europe, and as such there are plenty of independent student accommodation providers around for you to choose from.  

With accommodation options that range from basic rooms with shared facilities, to complete studio flats and amenities like gyms and shared cinema rooms, there is something to suit every taste and budget. 

Many providers offer virtual online tours, and they often host open days where you can visit and have a look around in person – and if you’re heading into Manchester to check them out, why not see if it coincides with one of our Open Days too?  

Things to consider when picking your accommodation 

We know it can be daunting thinking about moving to a new place, possibly for the first time, and that it can be hard to know what to look out for. Keep the following things in mind when checking out your options, and remember you can always get in touch with the accommodation providers if you have questions about what they offer: 

Price / budget:  

Do you know how you will be paying for your accommodation? If you’re paying for it yourself with earnings from a job or from a maintenance loan payment, try and work out how much money you will have per week to spend. Accommodation providers usually list the cost of rooms per week, so this is a good way to work out if you will have enough. 

If someone else is contributing or paying on your behalf, such as a partner or family member, talk to them about what their budget is before you begin your search.  

Move in dates: 

Different accommodation providers have different check in dates for students. At Futureworks we enrol new students in early September, so it’s important to contact your preferred accommodation provider to see when their earliest move in dates are. You might find that even though they list a certain date on their website they may be able to be flexible if their schedules allow. 

Location and travel: 

Have a look at where the accommodation that interests you is located, and what your travel requirements are. Do you want to stay somewhere within walking distance to Futureworks, or are you happy to live a bit further away and commute by public transport? Be sure to factor travel costs into your budget. 

You should also consider which of our buildings you will be attending most often – students on most of our courses will usually be based at Riverside, but Visual Effects students are mostly based at Futureworks Studios, near Media City. Independent Filmmaking students are taught at both sites. 


What sort of things are you looking for in a place to live? Do you want shared spaces where you can get to know people, or would you prefer a self-contained studio? Do you mind sharing a bathroom or kitchen? Does it matter if there is a gym, space to park a car or bike, or communal spaces to play games and watch films?  

These are all individual preferences, and what you can get will vary depending on which accommodation company you choose and what your budget is. Most providers offer different types of room, ranging from cheaper basic spaces with single beds and shared facilities, all the way up to more expensive but spacious studio apartments. 

Getting to know people: 

You can often request that your accommodation provider tries to place you in a “cluster” with other Futureworks students. This is a great way to start getting to know people who have shared interests and start becoming a part of the community. On the other hand, if you would rather be housed with students from other institutions, or if you don’t mind who you live with, you can note this down too. It’s not always a guarantee that you will be able to specify who you live with, but if you’re applying early enough it’s always worth asking. 

Accommodation Options in Manchester & Salford 

We have curated a list of the accommodation providers that are most popular with our students, but it is by no means exhaustive – so if something here doesn’t take your fancy feel free to keep looking around. 

iQ – Salford

Homes for Students – Manchester Court

Dwell Student Living  

Sanctuary Students – Tramways

True Student

Riverside House

X1 – Chapel Street