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Fundamentals of 2D Animation (20 credits)

Working in 2D (both traditional and digital) you will put together a portfolio of very short, animated clips demonstrating the 12 principles in action 

Year 1 Animation Project (20 credits)

Combine the lessons learned in Fundamentals of 2D and create your first original short film, animated in 2D and roughly 30 seconds in length 

Pre-production (20 credits)

Scriptwriting, character design, expression sheets, turnarounds, backgrounds, and layouts, storyboarding and animatics: everything needed for animation minus the animation, in other words 

History of Animation and Illustration (20 credits)

Lectures focusing on the history of animation and illustration, giving context to the skills learned in other modules and how these emerged historically 

Fundamentals of Illustration (40 credits)

The first semester focuses on technical drawing skills (anatomy, proportion, line of action, perspective, colour theory, etc) and the second on creating a portfolio of creative works 


Fundamentals of 3D Animation (20 credits)

An introduction to Maya, focusing on how to utilise the 12 principles within a 3D animation environment 

Year 2 Animation Project (20 credits)

Draw on the lessons learned in Fundamentals of 3D to create a movement-oriented short film; an obstacle course animated in 3D, roughly 30 seconds in length 

3D Modelling (20 credits)

Learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling in Maya, allowing you to build basic 3D environments in which to set your 3D animations 

Post-Production and Motion Graphics (20 credits)

Work with an industry partner, who will set a brief and, after a semester of teaching focusing on editing, post-production effects, and motion graphics, pitch your response to the brief back to that industry figure 

Contemporary Animation and Illustration (20 credits)

A continuation of the History of Animation and Illustration module, only now it’s focused on the contemporary moment, current issues, and trends 

Applied Illustration (20 credits)

Construct a portfolio of illustrations in response to weekly briefs in semester 1, with a storybook/comic project in semester 2 introducing long-form illustration 


Honours Project (40 credits)

Your chance to develop your specialism, working on a project you design in collaboration with the module lead 

Year 3 Animation Project (40 credits)

Your final year film is based around a piece of audio found by you, of roughly 30 seconds length, that can be animated in either 2D or 3D 

Motion Capture (20 credits)

Learn how to capture actor’s performances in our industry-standard motion capture suite at Futureworks Studios, Media City, and then integrate this capture information into your 3D animation projects 

Personal Portfolio Development (20 credits)

A module focusing on getting you a job: everything from CVs, websites, showreels and portfolios, to how and where to network, interview practice and how to find work as a freelancer 


As a guide, 20 credits typically represents around 52 hours of tutor contact time (e.g. lectures/workshops/feedback) and 148 hours of self-study time (usually over the course of a semester). These numbers may increase or decrease depending on the nature, length and level of the module, especially towards the end of the course.