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School of Art & Design

The School of Art & Design offers a range of programmes designed to create employable graduates with a broad set of skills. The school provides an education in disciplines that are fundamental to design and visual creativity. We work closely with the other schools; our students seek out visual effects artists, editors and sound designers to work on collaborative projects with mutual benefits.

Central to the success of our programmes are the tutors. They are all experienced in their field of specialism and they bring up-to-date commercial experience into the classroom. These close ties mean that we are also able to respond effectively to changing conditions in the industries.

The School of Art and Design creates graduates who go on to work as games designers, level designers, 3D artists, 2D artists, 2D animators, 3D animators, storyboard artists or illustrators. We have had graduates going on to work at Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Rebellion, Sumo Digital, Frontier Games, Lego, MPC, Fuzzy Duck and Cubic Motion to name but a few. If you would like to find out some more about how you can join one of our courses, please click here.


Futureworks is the only institution in Manchester to be recognised as an Unreal Academic Partner. The Academic Partner Program recognizes universities and schools that have committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities with an experienced faculty, proven curricula, sufficient facilities, and resources to create positive outcomes for students with a variety of personal growth and career objectives.

Futureworks is also an educational ambassador for Women in Games, an organisation that seeks to create new platforms, pathways and synergies which foster opportunities that empower girls and women in the global gaming sector. Find out more here.

Futureworks is a PlayStation Academic Partner, which is a scheme Sony run to support higher education and other teaching organisations. As part of this partnership Futureworks has been loaned some PlayStation 4 development kits. Our Games students can now use the kits to develop their games and port them to the PlayStation 4 platform. This will prove really impressive to future employers of our students, as it’s not typically a skill practised within a University education.

Head of SchoolKen Lau

Ken is an experienced educator and has worked as a product and architectural visualiser and as well as a 3D character artist in the games industry. He joined Futureworks in 2011 and now explores hyper-realistic character modelling as well as the relationship between real and virtual 3D with the advent of accessible 3D printing.