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Women In Games

Futureworks is immensely proud to be an educational ambassador for Women in Games.

Women in Games is a not for profit organisation founded in 2009 when women numbered only 6% of the Games Industry workforce. In 2020 that number was 22%.  

Established in 2020 the Education Ambassador Programme consists of leading educational institutions, colleges, training providers and awarding bodies aligned and engaged with the Women in Games agenda to support, empower and celebrate female talent in the games industry and esports.  By investing in women and girls, they are instrumental in influencing positive societal change with significant benefits for the gaming sector. 

Futureworks is fully committed to the cause and has close links with the organisation. In fact, the CEO of Women in Games (Marie-Claire Isaaman) is also the chair of our Industry Advisory Group. 

“I’m delighted that Futureworks has gained Educational Ambassador status with Women in Games. As an institution, Futureworks is dedicated to working towards representation in education, and equal opportunities for all our students after graduation.”
Chris Mayo, Principal and Founder of Futureworks

In a recent survey of the global top 15 games companies, only 16% of the executive teams are women. The number of women working in any role or competing in esports is around 5%. Yet approximately 50% of players globally are women. Futureworks looks forward to working with Women in Games to address these statistics and to contribute to the societal change required to make a difference.

You can find out more about Women in Games by clicking the logo.