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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

BA (Hons) Music Production

AWARD:         Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree

DURATION:   3 Years (Full Time)

Our most successful and longest running degree course has undergone a significant upgrade. In a media industry where what we see and hear is ever changing, our challenge is to both engage the student and attract industry. We believe we have achieved this with a focused, clear and relevant programme of study.

Creativity, Career and Technology is the message.




  • Composition and Arrangement (40 credits)
  • Recording Techniques and Technologies (40 credits)
  • Career Focus 1 – Online Profile (40 credits)


HE Level 5 (Year 2)

  • Composition and Production (20 credits)
  • Recording and Production (40 credits)
  • Music, Sound, Image (40 credits)
  • Career Focus 2– Live Brief (20 credits)


HE Level 6 (Year 3)

  • Composition and Innovation (20 credits)
  • Advanced Recording and Production (20 credits)
  • Major Project- Music and Multimedia (40 credits)
  • Career Focus 3- Professional Preparation (40 credits)



As a guide, 20 credits typically represents around 52 hours of tutor contact time (e.g. lectures/workshops/feedback) and 148 hours of self-study time (usually over the course of a semester). These numbers may increase or decrease depending on the nature, length and level of the module, especially towards the end of the course.