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Composition & Arrangement (40 credits)

Elevate your songwriting, composition, and production skills. This module is designed to grow your skills as a music creator. You’ll look at the creative approaches and techniques used by industry professionals whilst developing your own composition and production abilities with hands-on experience of professional music software and studio hardware. Whether you aspire to compose for film, television, or to produce chart-topping hits or club anthems, this module will help you to develop your own unique voice as a songwriter and producer. 

Recording Techniques and Technologies (40 credits)

Get hands-on experience with industry-standard recording equipment and techniques. In this module you’ll learn the essential skills demanded of studio engineers and producers working in today’s studio environments. You’ll enjoy hands-on training in the creative and practical techniques and approaches for recording in both the studio and on-location, manage live sessions with individual or multiple musicians, explore strategic microphone placement, acoustics, session management, and develop the expertise to produce recordings that showcase your unique creative voice. 

Career Focus 1 – Online Profile (40 credits)

Learn marketing and release strategies and build a professional online presence. This module will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s music industry. You’ll explore proven methods for strategically marketing your artistic brand across digital channels and gain insights into effective release campaigns that can increase your music’s reach and impact. You’ll explore how the internet has changed the musical landscape through a research essay and start to build your own brand with a professional online portfolio website to showcase your music and achievements. 


Recording and Production (40 credits)

Gain an in-depth understanding of the role of a music producer. This module is designed to help you develop your music production abilities under guidance from industry experts and build a comprehensive range of skills in studio recording techniques and music production processes. The module includes technical and theoretical lectures, hands-on studio workshops, independent projects, and analysis of recording methods all focused on understanding the dynamic role of a music producer. 

Music, Sound, Image (40 credits)

Explore the relationship between sound, visuals, and technology. In this module you’ll examine how various artists and professionals combine music, sound, and visuals. Through a combination of lectures, studio workshops, self-directed projects, and hands-on use of audio assets you’ll develop advanced skills in sound design and audio-visual installation. You’ll learn the practical skills required to merge music, sound effects, and visuals into creative multi-sensory experiences and understand how to plan and implement audio-visual systems and technology. 

Career Focus 2 – Live Brief (20 credits)

Practice your skills in following a client brief. In this module, you’ll work on a real-world project for an actual client. Lectures will cover relevant creative practices to prepare you for the project. You’ll get feedback through peer reviews and one-on-one tutoring sessions as you work independently on the project. You’ll practice your skills in following a client brief, managing your time, receiving feedback, and independently producing quality work that meets the client’s needs. Module assessment has two parts, submission of the negotiated work reflecting the client-led process and a viva voce where you critically evaluate your project. 

Composition & Production (20 credits)

Expand your toolkit of composition and production techniques. This module will help you build on the composition and music production skills you developed making your first-year portfolios and refine your abilities in creating original music compositions and polished productions. You’ll look at different techniques for composing and producing music through mix of analysis, independent research, and teaching and learning sessions and be guided through various composition and production methods. 


Major Project – Music and Multimedia (40 credits)

The summation of the work explored over the years on your course. You will be required to devise and present a creative piece, or several related pieces, for the public domain. This work may be created as a solo piece, or you may be assisted by several individuals under your creative and artistic direction. 

Advanced Recording & Production (20 credits)

Application of a rigorous working process from the early stages of pre, through to post-production to ensure that your intended musical production values are achieved. 

Career Focus 3 – Professional Preparation (40 credits) –

Develop your skills and knowledge in presenting an analytical research proposal, initiating the development of a professional body of work, investigating methodologies for vocational aspirations through independent study, appraising the skills necessary for producing a contextual report following academic conventions, and exploring current business practices. 

Composition & Innovation (20 credits)

Synthesise and demonstrate your individual compositional and technical skills, refined through earlier study levels, in creating original music with minimal reliance on pre-made materials, fostering unique musical identities, and encouraging collaboration and experimentation. 


As a guide, 20 credits typically represents around 52 hours of tutor contact time (e.g. lectures/workshops/feedback) and 148 hours of self-study time (usually over the course of a semester). These numbers may increase or decrease depending on the nature, length and level of the module, especially towards the end of the course. 


Futureworks Review