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Independent Production 1 (40 credits)

A comprehensive introduction to short-form content production, focusing on practical skills in camera and lighting, pre- and post-production techniques, and an understanding of the creative and professional practices within the field. 

Scriptwriting 1 (20 credits)

An in-depth exploration into writing for short-form content, covering theoretical and practical aspects, professional practices, and scriptwriting techniques for various media platforms. 

Editing for Independent Film (40 credits)

This module equips students with fundamental editing skills using industry-standard software, focusing on technical, creative, and professional practices in editing, as well as the influence of social, cultural, and ethical issues on the editing process.   

History of Independent Film Production (20 credits)

Lectures focusing on the history of film, VFX and media, giving context to the skills learned in other modules and how these emerged historically. 


Independent Production 2 (40 credits)

This module advances students’ production skills in narrative filmmaking, focusing on technical and creative aspects, teamwork, project management, and the analysis of cultural influences and professional practices within short film production. 

Contemporary Independent Film Production (20 credits)

Gives students an understanding of the environmental and social context, and the structure and operation of contemporary independent-film production, allowing them to build their confidence and knowledge of the modern film industry. 

Scriptwriting 2 (20 credits)

Develops students’ advanced scriptwriting techniques and practices by focusing on narrative short film creation. It will equip the students with the ability to formulate their own creative processes and practice through engagement in advanced scriptwriting skills through the development of one or more original scripts. 

VFX for Independent Film (20 credits)

Introduces students to key compositing techniques used within the production of independent films enabling students to execute common visual effects tasks using industry-standard software. 

Audio Production (20 credits) 

Introduces students to key components and connections common to Digital Audio Workstations and techniques used in post-production audio workflows for independent film.  


Honours Project (40 credits)

This module prepares students for professional independent production by developing specialist skills through creative thinking, research, project formulation, and critical analysis, culminating in a persuasive project that showcases their unique style and interests. 

Independent Production 3 (40 credits)

Develops students’ production techniques by focusing on professional narrative feature-film creation. It will also equip the students with professional production skills and practices to realise distinctive and creative work and critically analyse creative professional practice within independent film production. 

Scriptwriting 3 (40 credits)

This module enhances students’ scriptwriting skills for independent feature films, focusing on creative development, critical analysis, and professional techniques, including character creation, dramatic structure, and genre study. 


As a guide, 20 credits typically represents around 52 hours of tutor contact time (e.g. lectures/workshops/feedback) and 148 hours of self-study time (usually over the course of a semester). These numbers may increase or decrease depending on the nature, length and level of the module, especially towards the end of the course.