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BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production

The UK is a world leader when it comes to media. Whether it’s music, film, television or games, our presence is felt at the highest level and on a global scale. For each of these industries audio is the common link, the one thing they all need.

BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production deals directly with music production, post-production for film and television as well as audio design for games.

With a strong emphasis on high standards of practical work, well-developed written and verbal communication, this course provides the right vocational-academic blend for industry or post-graduate study.

It’s a course for anyone passionate about sound. So whether its music, film dialogue or game effects, provided you have a complete technical obsession with the way that audio it is captured, manipulated and applied, then this is the course for you.

Commended for our course design and real-world briefs, the success of this course owes most to our experienced and professional tutor team, our extensive industry compliant facilities, smaller class sizes and of course our students at the heart of the Futureworks creative community.

For someone with a keen interest in sound, the commitment and drive to succeed, Audio Engineering is your way in.



You will love our facilities – our recording studios are among the best in the country. Ranging from D-command and SSL studios, up to our Neve VR Legend studio, all are equipped with the latest digital technologies and classic analogue equipment. You can see more about our incredible facilities elsewhere on the site, but our main claim is that all the studios contain the exact same hardware and software that you will be expected to work on in the real world of audio engineering.

During your three years you will progress through each studio, starting with the simplest and eventually working up to the biggest and most complicated studio. By the time you leave us, you will be confident of working within virtually any studio environment.

Another difference with Futureworks is the team of tutors who will be taking you through this amazing journey. All our tutors are still active within the industry. This means that they bring with them not only current techniques, but also live briefs to work on from their many contacts. We have a great mix of older tutors who are able to pass on a wealth of invaluable information, together with younger tutors who are currently working on high profile projects. You won’t find any ‘academic only’ tutors here – they are all fully trained and qualified tutors, but their work experience is what sets them, and Futureworks as a whole, apart from other educational establishments.



There are many roles and career paths that fit under the broad umbrella of “sound”: Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Editor, Dubbing Mixer, Sound Supervisor, Game Audio Designer, Live Sound, Acoustics, Noise Control, Studio Design, Location Sound, Forensic Audio, Audiology…

Alongside industries and businesses, some perhaps obvious, others not so:

Music, Film, TV, Radio, Games, Conference, Construction, National and Local Government, NHS, Rail, Shipping, Marketing, Banking, Mining, Vehicle Manufacture…

Many of our students progress on to post-graduate study – MSc and MA programmes in Audio / Sound Design, Acoustics and Noise Control, Audiology, Public Policy and Human development – to name but a few.



The final qualification for this programme is awarded by the University of Central Lancashire.