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Hardship Fund

Financial support for a student who is struggling with unforeseen hardship. Examples of financial support include supermarket vouchers or the purchase of a travel card to pay for travel between home and Futureworks.

The hardship fund is limited by the total size of the budgeted funds. It is allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Students must be:
• fully enrolled at Futureworks
• experiencing temporary financial hardship
• self-declared as one or more of the declared underrepresented groups
• Any year of student can apply for a hardship fund.


Applications will be reviewed & approved by members of the A&P Working Group. The group meets on a fortnightly basis and applications will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.

In arriving at its decisions, the group will verify the eligibility of the application and assess the available budget.

All applications will be anonymised prior to the application review.

Funding amount:

Between £50 and £500.

Application deadline:

Last day of the academic year in Semester 2 or until funds are available in accordance with the budget.

How to apply:

Applications will open on 19th September.

You can apply for this financial support package by clicking here

Please do not assume that an application will be successful, nor anticipate any amount that may be received, as awards are discretionary and not guaranteed.