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Manchester is the bee’s knees

Recognised by its emblematic worker bee symbol, denoting a hard work ethic and the city being a hive of activity, Manchester has always been a favourite destination for students seeking academic excellence and a busy, vibrant lifestyle. With its unique industrial heritage, a broad swathe of industries, renowned educational establishments, and rich social and cultural diversity, Manchester hosts a hive of over 100,000 students.

Over the years Manchester has gained a reputation as a powerhouse for creative media, including film, television, music, games and animation. Since 2012, Salford’s Media City, the Queen Bee of UK film and television, has grown to become the hub of an innovative nest of businesses and institutions, and it’s the perfect location for Futureworks and our students.

Manchester Is the bee's Knees

Here’s our seven reasons why Manchester’s a buzzin’ place for students

  1. Vibrant Nightlife and Legendary Music Scene: Manchester awakes at night to the pulse of its legendary nightlife. From intimate gigs in iconic venues like the Night & Day Café and the Eagle Inn Salford to the colourful LGBTQ+ atmosphere of Canal Street and the many and various bars and clubs, Manchester offers a nightlife experience like no other, pulsating with energy and excitement.

Manchester’s musical DNA spins a story that’s been decades in its making and continues to evolve new talent today. The Hollies, Herman’s Hermits, Buzzcocks, the Smiths, the StoneRoses, Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, Elbow, The Courteeners, M People, The Verve… and so many more, including new talent on the rise across the city. Students can immerse themselves in Manchester’s rich tapestry of musical history, experience gigs at historic venues such as The Manchester Academy, explore the city’s network of independent record stores and dive into Manchester’s indie scene, alive with a constant stream of emerging talent.

Manchester offers a musical journey like no other, whether you prefer to discover new talent or pay homage to lasting legends the city’s music scene has left an indelible mark on the UK’s sonic landscape. Futureworks School of Sound & Music Production, located in the heart of the city, has facilities to rival some of the city’s best-known recording venues. With its own music label and regular live events, Futureworks is the educational embodiment of the Manchester music scene and a guiding light for some of its breakthrough talent.

  1. Culturally and socially diverse: Manchester’s cultural tapestry is woven with years of history, innovation, and diversity. Its significant heritage has given rise to a rich selection of museums, art galleries, theatres and music & entertainment venues. Manchester is also renowned for its sporting venues and facilities, wealth of shopping opportunities and eclectic array of eating and drinking establishments. Manchester’s cacophony of cultures and kaleidoscope of experiences provides something for everyone.
  2. Better cost of living: Manchester offers a cost of living that’s notably more favourable than many other cities in the UK and perfect for students seeking a city education that provides better value for money. Students have many shopping options, ranging from high-street brands at the Trafford Centre to indie boutiques such as Afflecks, and there’s a vast array of choices without breaking the bank. Dining out in Manchester is a delicious adventure catering to every taste and budget. There’s something for everyone, from trendy artisanal cafes to bustling street food markets. Moreover, the city’s multicultural population delivers an array of authentic international cuisines, making dining experiences both affordable and exciting.
  3. Employment Opportunities: Beyond its academic institutions and cultural icons, Manchester boasts thriving industries that offer abundant student employment opportunities. Media City is at the forefront, a dynamic hub of film and televisual creativity in Salford Quays. Media City is also the location of the Futureworks School of Film, Television and Media and home to major broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV. Being educated alongside such broadcasting giants provides Futureworks students with unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience in television and media production. Also the city has a diverse range of media companies, digital agencies, animation, VFX houses, games developers, music and audio studios, and varied creative businesses. They offer career opportunities, internships, work placements, graduate schemes, freelance roles and networking opportunities across various creative disciplines – perfect for Futureworks students seeking experience, connections and a worthwhile career.
  4. Green Oases: Amidst the urban hubbub, there are quieter spaces. Manchester treasures tranquil green spaces that can offer solace and serenity to students unused to the heady atmosphere of a busy city. Whether it’s picnicking in Platt Fields Park, meandering through Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, walking the towpaths of the Bridgewater Canal, or hanging out in Heaton Park, there are ample places to escape the hustle and reconnect with nature.
  5. Travel and transport: Manchester is one of the UK’s most connected cities with its own international airport and an extensive road and rail network. Hop on a train, and you can be in London in just 2 hours, Glasgow in just over 3 hours and Birmingham in an hour and a half. Inner-city transport is equally accessible, boasting a substantial bus and tram network, and most essential locations within the city are within walking distance.
  6. Affordable Student Living: Manchester offers many student accommodation options tailored to fit various budgets and preferences, ensuring affordability for all. From purpose-built student accommodations offering modern amenities like en-suite bathrooms and communal areas to shared houses and flats, there’s something to suit every student’s needs. The city boasts a range of independent landlords offering competitively priced rooms in shared student houses or apartments, providing students with flexibility and choice and the opportunity to meet other students from outside their academic circle. With excellent transport links to universities and friendly, vibrant communities, Manchester’s student accommodation is as diverse as the city’s cultural heritage, ensuring that every student has options for locating a comfortable and affordable place to call home during their studies.

Futureworks offers extensive advice for locating student accommodation in Manchester. You can find all you need and start exploring your options on our website

We’ve also curated a shortlist of recommended and vetted accommodation providers that are the most popular with our students:

iQ – Salford

Homes for Students – Manchester Court

Dwell Student Living  

Sanctuary Students – Tramways

True Student

Riverside House

X1 – Chapel Street

If nothing takes your fancy, then please talk to our team, and they’ll be able to help you find something more suitable to your tastes:

Call: 0161 214 4600

Email: [email protected]

Finally, we invite you to explore the comprehensive and candid UCAS City Guide for Manchester for authentic student perspectives on life in Manchester.

The QS Best Student Cities 2024 survey lists Manchester among the top 30 global destinations for students. It far outweighs other cities and has never been as attractive an option for students as it is today.

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Manchester Is the bee's Knees


Manchester Is the bee's Knees