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AI in the Creative Industries Conference 2024: Weighing up the Impact of AI

Are you concerned or excited about the impact of AI on the Creative Industries? Take part in the discussion at the AI in the Creative Industries Conference on the 7th of June, 2024, at Futureworks, Manchester.

Now open for bookings, our conference promises to be a landmark event. Bringing together an informed community of creatives, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts from across the creative industries and academia, we aim to weigh up the options and attempt to discover a balance between rapid new technological advances and traditional creative skills and expertise.

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence has sparked conversations around its impact on creativity, art, and the role of artists in an age where machines are not just tools but collaborators deemed creators in their own right. From AI-generated art and literature to digital scripting and beyond, this conference will offer new insights, open debates, and explore AI and its impact on the creative landscape.

With an impressive lineup of panels covering AI Art, AI Text, AI Video, AI Theory, AI Practice, and AI Marketing and Music, attendees can engage with cutting-edge research and innovative practices. Speakers from prestigious institutions and the creative industry, including Eduardo Alonso (City University of London), Dan Ashton (University of Southampton), Karen Patel (Birmingham City University), and many more, will share their perspectives on the evolving interface between AI and the creative industries.

For more information on the schedule and speakers, see our Conference Pack.

The conference schedule is designed to foster engagement, discussion, and collaboration. Starting with a warm welcome and refreshments at 9:30 AM, the morning will comprise of a series of panel discussions and the opportunity for Q&A’s. Following a networking lunch, the panels will continue, and the conference will conclude with a meal and the chance to continue conversations and connections made throughout the day.

Futureworks, one of the UK’s leading providers of higher education for the creative industries, is the ideal host for this conference, and its Riverside Campus the perfect setting. Located in the heart of Manchester, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Salford Central station and within easy reach of its main train stations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in this critical discussion on AI and the future of creativity. Whether you’re a creative professional, academic, or student intrigued by or concerned about AI’s impact, the AI in the Creative Industries Conference 2024 will explore all angles and weigh the options.

Register now to secure your spot by clicking book now below. There is a small fee for all attendees, but entry is FREE for students (see the VLE for details).

For more information, contact Joe Darlington ([email protected]) or Martha Horler ([email protected]), and click the button below to book your place.

We look forward to welcoming you to the discussion on the 7th June, 2024.

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