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Futureworks Students Win Grads In Games Challenges!

The Grads In Games “Game Dev Challenges” are annual events for game development students across the UK and Europe, offering them the chance to showcase their skills in programming, design, 3D art, animation, and VFX.

Students participate in “Search for a Star” and “Rising Star” challenges, designed to mimic games industry recruitment processes. They create technical projects and polished game-ready assets while receiving professional feedback. High achievers can earn interviews with industry leaders and win prizes including hardware and software.

Grads in Games Winners! 

This year we have 2 winners from Futureworks: 

  • Emily Marshall (Game Art final year) – Search for a Star (Character Art) 
  • Evan Goddard (Visual Effects year 2) – Rising Star (Games VFX) 

Emily Marshall

Emily said the following about the competition: 

“Grads in Games has been unlike anything I’ve  ever experienced before. Creating the project was a great challenge, I learnt so much in such a short amount of time, and it gave me so many areas I wanted to go away and research after. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk to so many people from different universities on the GiG discord and see their wonderful projects too. The Finals Day itself was filled with so many great talks from industry professionals, and it was great to finally meet up with some of the other students I had spoken to throughout the event. Anyone interested in art for games should get stuck into this competition – the networking, feedback, skill-sharing and confidence it gives you is just too good of an opportunity to miss!” 

Evan Goddard

Evan said the following: 

“This was made in around 7 weeks with no prior experience with blueprints or niagra systems. This project was so much fun and has made me consider Games VFX as a pathway forwards post-graduation. My prior knowledge about film VFX allowed me to design and apply a rough workflow and tackle problems in unexpected ways.

During finals day I received valuable connections and feedback from people in industry I would highly recommend anyone who can, to enter next year.”


We are immensely proud of our students who have triumphed in this year’s Game Dev Challenges, demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication in their respective categories. Their achievements not only highlight the quality of their work but also the strength of our degree courses. We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and inspire others in future competitions, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in game development. 

Grads in Games