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Exploring the Intersection of AI and Creativity: A Must-Attend Conference for Innovators and Thinkers

Is it possible for artifical intelligence to be truly creative? This question forms the central theme of our upcoming interdisciplinary artificial intelligence conference, “AI in the Creative Industries.”

Date: 7th June 2024

Location: Futureworks, Manchester, UK

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a wave of debate and speculation, ranging from doomsday scenarios to the heralding of a new industrial revolution. At the heart of this technological surge lies a ground-breaking development: AI’s ability to generate creative content. From visual arts to literature, AI’s capabilities are both intriguing and controversial, raising profound questions about art, creativity, and the role of the artist in an era not just of mechanical reproduction but of mechanical production.

Our aim is to foster a rich dialogue among experts from diverse fields including media studies, music, visual arts, video gaming, film, TV, animation, sociology, history, literature, politics, philosophy, and aesthetic theory. We’ll delve deep into AI’s burgeoning role in the creative industries, exploring its potential impacts—both beneficial and harmful—and our responses to AI as a tool and creator. We want to explore how we can prepare our students for the future world of AI and how it could impact on their creative careers in the industry.

We invite thought-provoking abstracts for 20-minute presentations on topics such as:

  • The nature of AI creativity
  • AI’s relation to transhumanism
  • The debate over AI consciousness
  • Copyright issues in the era of AI
  • AI as a creative tool in various industries
  • Representations of AI in creative media
  • Ethical considerations in AI usage
  • The aesthetic dimensions of AI

Interested participants should submit a 250-word abstract, along with a concise 50-word bio and 5 relevant keywords, to [email protected] by 29th February 2024. We welcome contributions from academics, postgraduate researchers, non-academic speakers, creative practitioners, and professionals engaged in AI production or application.

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