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Futureworks Music: Live at the Eagle Inn

Thursday the 8th of December marked the second event from Futureworks Music, live at the Eagle Inn, Salford.

The Eagle Inn is a cool little venue, perfect for an up-close and personal live music experience. Doors opened at 7pm for our Futureworks Music Live event, when patrons flooded into a free bar, and the night was a great success.

The artists

An array of talent consisting of Futureworks students and graduates took to the stage to perform songs from Futureworks Music’s newest release: the 6UP EP.

Futureworks Music is our in-house record label, running events like this in order to provide our students with authentic, realistic experiences – not just with a label, but with the live sound industry, networking and collaborations as a whole.

“As an indie record label, it’s essential for us to promote our music and artists on the live circuit. Following our successful event in the summer, returning to the Eagle Inn seemed like a great idea.

The venue is nestled in the back-streets where Trinity Way divides Manchester and Salford. It’s a brilliant live venue where our Audio Engineering students can run the FOH sound desk, and a diverse range of performers from Futureworks  can run riot on stage.

December’s event was blessed with back to back performances from Mickey Taylor, Robin Falke, Malik, 25th Hour, Bax, Sedgi, JeSuisJoe, S-Approval and David Cummins & The Ffusion Project wrapped around our EP series ‘6UP’. They were all brilliant and can’t wait for the next one in April ’23.” – Pete Jenkinson, Senior Lecturer & Industry Co-ordinator at Futureworks.

Futureworks Music Live had some great feedback

“Performing for everyone was a very comforting feeling for me. I saw it as a way to home in on my performing skills. The crowd are so encouraging, never hesitating to embrace whatever artist is onstage.

I’m learning all my performing chops from the training grounds of the Eagle Inn, tearing the roof off the place every time. Always a good time there.” – Malik Issac, Musician and Futureworks Music Production student.

“The Eagle gig was a great experience. It was lovely to see all the talent that exists within the uni and I was appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of this. We should definitely do more of these as I didn’t even know how great everyone was!” – Robin Falke, Musician and Audio Engineering student at Futureworks.

“We had a fantastic night playing at the gig! There was a great vibe and we enjoyed networking with the other artists that played. The talent was amazing and we were really happy to be a part of it.” 25th Hour, Musicians and students at Futureworks.

“What a buzz it was playing some of my own music live on stage at the Eagle in front of such a great audience – surrounded by a great group of musicians! But it wasn’t just the playing live, the whole night was fantastic. There were so many great performances from the other artists. There’s a lot of talent amongst the students at Futureworks. Can’t wait for the next one!” – David Cummins, Musician and Music Production student at Futureworks.

“Performing in front of everyone was a special experience…”

“As an artist, the gig at the Eagle Inn was the perfect mix of a small, intimate audience but with all the “Sweet & Nice Vybz” of a bigger audience and venue.” – Simon Seale-Hall (S-Approval), Musician and Music Production student at Futureworks.

“The night at the Eagle Inn was filled with a group of astonishing up and coming artists, who all put on a great show. For myself, performing in front of everyone was a special experience, especially as I was invited back for the second time.

I believe my music left a mark on the listeners, and I therefore gained new fans. All in all, a fantastic evening, made by the talented artists and the wonderful support from the audience.” – Bax Fielding, Musician and Music Production student at Futureworks.

“Good vibes and good energy…”

“It’s always fun doing gigs like this. Everyone was super supportive of each other’s performances and the crowd was a blast! Look forward to the next one.” – Mickey Taylor, Musician and Futureworks Animation with Illustration student.

“It was a great experience performing at the 6UP event. There was such a wide variety of artists and genres so every performance was a treat. Good vibes and good energy, can’t wait for the next one!” – Joe Savage, Musician and Music Production student.

Stream the 6UP EP now

The new 6UP EP from Futureworks Music is available on all streaming platforms right now. Be sure to check it out, support our students and find some great new music while you’re at it!

The next Futureworks Music event will be taking place in April. It’s set to be another brilliant gig! We highly recommend coming down to the Eagle for a night of fantastic live music.

Futureworks Music Live

Futureworks Music Live

Futureworks Music Live

Futureworks Music Live

Futureworks Music Live

Futureworks Music Live