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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Tom Hughes

Graduate Profile – Tom Hughes, Creative Director & Level Designer

From day one, Tom was full-throttle into making games. The ideal student, he was keen to learn and keen to work. It’s no wonder he’s now making games for a living full-time! Tom studied with us on the BA (Hons) Games Design Degree.

“If I had to choose something from Futureworks that I’d take with me forever, it’d be the experience I gained from all the wonderful Tutors and peers, and the memory of some of the best years of my life. As well as the awards we won”, Tom jokingly boasts about the awards that he and his team won for their work.

When we asked him what made his course great, he answered with “One of the best part of the course was the hands on approach to games design, we were always designing, making or planning something. Which led us to becoming better developers. Less time spent with heads in word documents and more time making awesome games!” He even followed up with a compliment for Futureworks as a whole – “Futureworks is a great place to make new friends and colleagues; The size of Futureworks is what makes it so unique. The fact that classes are so small and everyone collaborates and works with all other departments means we make much better work overall.”

It was brilliant to catch up with Tom as always. And we’ll be sure to keep you updated on his adventures in the world of video games!

Check Tom out on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here