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Jake Tysome

Graduate Profile – Jake Tysome, Audio Engineer & Sound Designer

It’s not every day you meet someone working on a Feature Film. Well, at Futureworks it is, but you get the point!

Jake excelled with his audio skills enough to impress our friends The Den Post when they visited, in fact he impressed them so much they offered him a job pretty much straight away!

From working with orchestras to collecting toilet sounds, Jake has done it all. And Futureworks really got him ready for the professional world, “I felt like I was treated like a professional from the start which I can imagine doesn’t happen at a lot of universities, but it meant that I felt more ready for integrating with my chosen industry” he told us.

We asked Jake to mention any single part of his Futureworks experience, and he chose to mention the amazing Facilities Team, “Wanted to give a shout out to the Facilities Team at Futureworks for always being helpful and patient when you have a problem, even when it turns out in the end that something just isn’t plugged in or turned on!”

It’s always nice to hear from Jake, and see what cool projects he’s been working on!

Check Jake out on LinkedIn here.