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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Emma Bates

Graduate Profile – Emma Bates, Random42

Following in the footsteps of her older sister, Emma has bagged herself a job at Random42 right after graduating in June 2018!

We had a chat with Emma about her time at Futureworks, and asked her what she loved about studying Visual Effects. “I loved how much the tutors cared about the students, they really pushed us to grow as artists. Also using industry standard software has equipped me with the ability to enter the VFX world with confidence”, she told us.

We spoke about the VFX festivals coming up, and how it’s common for Futureworks to regular at such events, “My favourite memory of Futureworks is probably going to the VFX festivals with the people from my course. It was always such a laugh and gave me tonnes of hilarious memories to look back on.”

When asked if there’s anything she’d like to put on record about her experience at Futureworks, she said “I guess I’d like to say thanks to all the lecturers who put up with my incessant question-asking. They’re the reason I’ve gotten to where I am today and I’m incredibly grateful for it! All the staff at Futureworks helped me in different ways during my time there and they made those three years absolutely amazing!!”

Emma, it was a wonderful 3 years having you here. And now you can go and do what you came here to do. Good luck!


Check out Emma’s LinkedIn profile HERE.