Futureworks Music

Futureworks Music is our multi genre, in-house record label that has been distributing our student and alumni music productions into the global marketplace since 2011

Managed by staff with help from our students, the label facilitates enterprise, giving hands on experience of ‘real world’ professional processes such as marketing, networking and distribution – incredibly, this year we passed our 200th commercial release!

Submit your demo track

If you’re a session musician, DJ, producer, songwriter or recording artist and want to give your musical career a professional platform from which to showcase your work make today your first day in industry by sending a demo track to info@futureworksmusic.co.uk

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Twitter – twitter.com/futureworkmusic
SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/futureworksmusic
Facebook – facebook.com/futureworksmusic

We inspire, you create

You can check our the work going on at the label yourself by visiting futureworksmusic.co.uk.