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Running Start

Are you nervous about starting at Futureworks? Are you worried about finding your way around in the first week? Then Running Start may be for you!

At Futureworks, we recognise that preparing for and starting university can be daunting. The start of a new university term is both exciting and nerve-wracking. We realise that this can feel overwhelming may put some students off attending enrolment week which may mean missing out on important information.

Running Start is an orientation event created to help you enrol onto your course in a more relaxed and quieter environment. This could be due to anxiety or other mental health issues, a need for more time to complete paperwork or to process information, or, simply, you feel happier and more confident in a quieter environment. It may also be that you are nervous about starting university due to having been out of education for a long time, you’re new to UK or didn’t enjoy school/college and are worried you may not enjoy Higher Education.

Running Start was designed to ensure everyone is given the time and information needed to enrol and have the confidence to start their studies.

During Running Start you will:

  • complete all enrolment paperwork
  • have your picture taken for your ID card
  • have a guided around Futureworks so you feel more confident for your first week
  • meet teaching staff and have a chance to ask them questions during lunch
  • given technical information including log on details, email & VLE passwords
  • given time to familiarise yourself with different technical systems
  • given information about support services at Futureworks
  • meet and get to know our Student Welfare Officer
  • ask questions to members of the Student Services, Admissions and Facilities departments
  • take part in fun “getting to know you sessions” to increase your confidence and help you to feel relaxed
  • meet others who will be studying on your course
  • hear from current students who will tell you what you need to know about Futureworks!

After attending Running Start you will hopefully feel more confident and will look forward to studying with us, rather than feeling nervous!

Our Running Start event usually takes place during the daytime the week before enrolment week in September (so two weeks before your course starts).

If you would like to attend Running Start please get in touch at [email protected] or call 0161 214 4610 and speak to our Student Welfare Officer.