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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Useful Links

Student Discounts

As a Futureworks student, you may be entitled to discounts on everything from dining out to NHS prescriptions. Make sure you’re not paying more than you need to by checking out the links below:



With over 500 bars, pubs and clubs, Manchester has something for everyone: science-fiction themed bars, tiki bars, cocktail bars, rock clubs, theatres, cinemas, comedy clubs and karaoke lounges.


Galleries, Museums & Expos

If you’re interested in history, science, art or sport, the city which initiated the Industrial Revolution, built the first computer, and is home to the most well-known football club in the world, has lots to discover.


Shops & Shopping Centres

No matter what your style, Manchester has hundreds of shops for you to browse, from vintage boutiques to world renowned designer shops. Many shops offer a student discount, you just need to ask!



At Futureworks, we understand that studying and moving away from home can be stressful, and it’s important that you try to look after yourself. Make sure you eat well, stay active and make new friends.


Gyms & Leisure Centres

Manchester is host to a large number of facilities, many of which were purpose built for the Commonwealth Games, including swimming pools, yoga classes, gyms and professional trainers.


Music Venues

Manchester is famous for its music scene and is home to some of the UK’s most well-known artists and bands as well as countless bands and artists waiting to be discovered.