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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Sundries Bursaries

A financial contribution towards the cost of a specific item, without which a student would be placed at a disadvantage when studying, or would not be able to begin or continue their studies. Examples include the payment of the student contribution towards an SpLD assessment, DSA-funded laptop or accommodation deposit.

The number of sundries bursaries are limited by the total size of the budgeted funds.


Students must be:
• fully enrolled at Futureworks
• home-funded
• self-declared as one or more of the declared underrepresented groups
• year 1 (level 4)


Applications will be reviewed & approved by the A&P Steering Group panel.

In arriving at its decisions, the panel will use a points system with applicants receiving points for each underrepresented group of which they have self-declared. Applicants who fall into multiple categories will receive three points for each category.

Applicants will be weighted according to their total scores, and they will be considered by the panel in order of weighting. In arriving at their decisions, the panel will judge the motivation and potential of the applicant through reference to their personal statement required as part of the application process.

All applications will be anonymised prior to the panel review. This process will take place in the second full week of October and applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application week commencing 17th October.

Funding amount:

Up to £500 paid directly to the student.

Application deadline:

28th September, 5pm.

Applications will be reviewed equally no matter when they are received before the deadline.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

How to apply:

Applications open on 1st August at 9am.

You can apply for this financial support package by clicking here.

Please do not assume that an application will be successful, nor anticipate any amount that may be received, as awards are discretionary and not guaranteed.