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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020


Financial support for individuals who may have difficulty attending Futureworks for an open day and/or interview.

All applications are granted.


Students must be:
• first time recipient per admissions cycle
• home-funded
• not enrolled at Futureworks
• self-declared as one or more of the declared underrepresented groups
An applicant looking at any year of study can apply for a subsidy.


Reimbursement will be made via cash or bank transfer on receipt of travel expenses.

Funding amount:

Up to £50.

Application deadline:

14 days after the event attended.

How to apply:

Contact the Student Welfare Officer via or 0161 214 4610 either prior to attending the event or up to 14 days after with receipt of travel expenses.

Please do not assume that an application will be successful, nor anticipate any amount that may be received, as awards are discretionary and not guaranteed.