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University Education For The Creative Industries

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – Silver

Help your students reach their full potential

Futureworks delivers engaging and practical degree courses to prepare students for work in the creative industries – the fastest growing part of the UK economy – in Manchester, the fastest growing city in the UK.

Some of our most successful graduates hadn’t even considered university before visiting Futureworks.

Those graduates are now working on major film releases, cutting edge music projects and within leading game development companies.

That’s why we are working with schools and colleges to broaden students’ understanding of the opportunities available to them.

Futureworks has funding available to work with schools and colleges on activities such as helping teachers and educators develop curricula for students at KS3/4/5. We work directly with students in schools, delivering guest lectures and facilitating workshops on a range of creative subjects.

We also:

  • Provide sampled experiences of studying creative media in a higher education environment
  • Help students better understand the higher education experience

We achieve this by:

  • Delivering creative media workshops and presentations onsite with your students
  • Arranging and hosting tours of our facilities with your students, including our game and animation spaces and our expertly designed music studios and film sets
  • Holding Summer Schools at no cost to the school or student, which provide an insight into how commercial music, films and games are created as well as valuable content for personal statements and CVs in the future.

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