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International Women’s Day 2022

We are planning to hold an event on 8th March 2022 to coincide with International Womens’ Day, called ‘Women in Creative Industries’.

The event will be open to female year 8 and year 9 students. Our goals are:

• To encourage them to consider careers in the creative industries,

• To show them the wide variety of roles and professions involved in creative projects, and

• To demonstrate how Futureworks, and HE in general, can help them achieve their creative career goals

The event will feature workshops with specialists in a number of fields such as Game Design, Animation, Illustration, Music/Film etc. Visitors will have hands-on experiences with tutors and students to not only have fun, but also engage with professional equipment and practices to get a feel for what’s involved in each discipline.

Alongside workshops there will be guest speakers and panels, and a chance to speak to current female students and alumni.

Women are considerably under-represented in the creative industries*. At Futureworks we feel it’s vital we play our part in making creative HE, and thereby careers, as accessible and appealing to female students as possible. We hope this event will help female students see a place for themselves in the creative industries, and encourage them to consider Futureworks, and HE as a whole, as a gateway to the career they choose. Where possible the event will be staffed by female students and staff so visitors can feel ownership of the space, meet female role models, and picture themselves studying and working in these exciting and rewarding fields.

*70% of people working in the games industry are male, compared to 28% female and 2% non-binary workers.