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Futureworks voted top specialist provider of creative courses

The results are in… The most recent National Student Survey (NSS) scores have been released, and we are so happy to share that Futureworks has been voted the number one specialist provider of creative courses. What an achievement!

Whilst we’re delighted that Futureworks was voted number 1 specialist provider of creative courses – a fantastic achievement for us, we also performed really well throughout the survey as a whole.

Our highest scores in the NSS came from areas such as the quality of teaching across our courses, academic support and the importance we give to the student voice.

Students have reported feeling very happy with the level of support given by our tutors. Consistent encouragement and help from staff to access mental health facilities has been met with great feedback.

The availability of our mental health support has also been praised, with our regular correspondence and the ability to ring up and speak to a member of our team spoken of very highly.

100% of our Visual Effects, Independent Filmmaking, and Audio Engineering & Production students are satisfied overall with their courses, along with 91% of Game Art students.

Satisfaction with the quality of Futureworks teaching is at 90% compared to 84% from last year. Futureworks is now ranked in the top 3% of all UK Universities for overall student satisfaction, with 87%.

Chris Mayo, Principal of Futureworks has said:

“We are delighted with how Futureworks has performed in this year’s National Student Survey. Our results have really validated that the steps we have taken as an institution have worked and taken us in the right direction. Thank you to those who voted and left their feedback, and to our members of staff who work hard to make Futureworks the best it can be.”

Of course, none of this would’ve happened without the opinions of those who matter most and that is of course our students – massive thank you to everyone who voted. We’re so pleased that you feel satisfied with your experience studying with us at Futureworks, and we hope to only improve from here.

We’d also like to extend a thank you to our fantastic members of staff who help to make the student experience what it is, keep up the good work!

You can read more about the NSS Data here