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Blog: School Committees: Making Change

Here at Futureworks we are all about student representation. We want our students to be actively engaged drivers of their own learning experience. We consistently encourage and welcome student feedback on all aspects of life at Futureworks. Ensuring that there are systems in place designed to give our students a voice is vital.

Student voice matters

One way in which we listen to that voice is through our School Committee meetings. There’s a School Committee for each of our three academic Schools: The School of Sound and Music Production, The School of Art and Design and The School of Film, Television and Media.

What are the School Committees?

The School Committees are meetings attended by Student Partners, Facilities and Student Support Representatives, Programme Leaders and Heads of Schools. They meet three times a year, held so that meaningful discussions can be had about the quality of Futureworks’ teaching programmes.

Academic value is so important to us. The School Committees provide us with a vital opportunity to get some feedback from both students and staff. This isn’t a one way street however. The School Committees also serve as a place to find out new information that can then be passed back to students, in order to consult with them about what has been discussed.

Valuable change.

We’ve managed to make some wonderful changes to both our teaching programmes and general life at Futureworks as a result of the discussions had in our School Committee meetings. These improvements include changes to existing facilities to improve disabled access, and raising issues with accommodation landlords to establish a COVID Hardship scheme.

One particularly prevalent change implemented through School Committees was to make all sanitary products free of charge. This proposal was raised by the student partners to End Period Poverty. It was taken to the School Committee, approved and given funding. All sanitary products are now free and available in Futureworks’ toilets at both of our sites.

We also established a ‘Studio Support Tutor’ role to enable our students’ effective access to facilities, in the event they missed out in module familiarisation sessions, or just need further support/refresher sessions.

School Committees aren’t just valuable to us though. They’re also a way to improve your own professional development! Getting involved means that you will learn more about the way Futureworks functions, you’re attending and speaking in formal discussions and your relationship to staff is strengthened.

We’re so grateful to have such a brilliant system in place that allows us to listen to you, our students. Thank you for taking the time to read about our fantastic School Committees.

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Screenshot from a School Committee meeting



The School Committee is a very important part of our annual calendar. It provides an opportunity for the student voice to be heard and reported at the highest level in Futureworks.

Rob Magoolagan, Head of School of Sound & Music



Screenshot showing a School Committee meeting