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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Black Lives Matter

At Futureworks we say no to racism. We stand in solidarity now and always with those who are facing and challenging the oppression and discrimination towards the black community.

To our black students and staff we want to say: we see you. We stand with you. We appreciate you. Your stories matter, your voices matter, your lives matter – and we are with you. Though we can never fully understand, we stand with you.

To our wider community, we implore you to listen and to learn. We encourage you to learn as much as you can. Talk to your friends and families – have the uncomfortable conversations, confront the feelings they will bring up.

Going forward we want to make changes to how we support and listen to our black and POC students. We want to give you a space to share your opinions and experiences, and work with you to ensure that you feel heard, respected and valued.

The first step is for us to listen, and so we invite you to share your thoughts with us either by on our stories, or by emailing us at

We have also decided not to continue with our usual schedule of posts over the next few days, and instead will be focusing on sharing black and POC experiences and voices.

We will also be posting links to different resources detailing ways in which you can take action, find support or support others.

Black Lives Matter, have always mattered and they will continue to matter long after social media falls quiet.