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Andrew McKee

Graduate Profile – Andrew McKee, Film Editor

British comedy film Eaten By Lions has received rave reviews with critics like The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw claiming it is “this week’s unexpected treat” and “a thoroughly likable feelgood film”.

Which is obviously great news for Futureworks Alumni Andrew McKee who was the film’s editor. (Along with Futureworks graduates Enos Desjardins, Sound Designer and Sarah Strachan, Digital Imaging Technician)

Eaten by Lions is a comedy about teenager Omar who travels to Blackpool in search of his father, helped by his half-brother Pete. With a supporting cast filled with recognisable names such as Johnny Vegas, Asim Chaudhry, Kevin Eldon and Vicki Pepperdine this is an engaging seaside trip with its heart in the right place.

It follows Andrew’s previous two feature films, Is This Now and In Another Life, the latter picking up the award for Best UK Feature Film at the Raindance Festival in 2017.

Andrew recently told the excellent Creative Scramble podcast how he started his career. Interestingly, Andrew did not take the usual route to becoming a feature film editor by starting at the bottom and slowly working his way up. Instead, while still at Futureworks, he would offer to edit virtually anything he could get hold of. He would find directors and producers on sites like Mandy and Shooting People and offer up his services.

This saw him editing a range of low budget shorts, which meant in some cases taking additional jobs such as colourist because there was simply no one else on the crew to do the job. He also edited music videos and corporate films on the way.

Eventually, one of the producers he had worked with on a short went on to shoot a feature film and decided to use Andrew as the film’s editor.

From there Andrew has worked on a succession of highly regarded films and is now in the enviable position of working on his chosen areas – narrative films and scripted TV. He has recently edited episodes of Creeped Out for CBBC and a Sci-Fi feature starring Rachel Shelly and Heida Reed called Blank. Currently he is cutting a four-part original drama for Channel 5.

Well done Andrew