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Matt Tennant

Graduate Profile – Matt Tennant, Senior Content Delivery Operator, BBC.

Matt Tennant graduated from Futureworks in 2016 from the BA (Hons) Music Production degree course. Following a year as a sound designer, he landed a role in the BBC’s Content Delivery Operations team. Matt has recently been promoted to Senior Content Delivery Operator.

He was also part of our 2019 Alumni Panel (read more here) where he gave out lots of useful advice to current students

Content Delivery Operations (CDO) at the BBC is one of those functions that you don’t really think about – and yet it’s at the heart of everything the BBC does. The CDO team ensures that everything that is broadcast by the BBC meets the standards defined by the Digital Production Partnership. That means everything that is distributed on the iPlayer and other delivery methods, such as traditional broadcast.

They also maintain the BBC Red Button service, publishing live to broadcast material on an hourly basis while dealing with any technical errors. They track missing and late material, work closely with content production, while providing support to operational and technical areas both internally within the BBC and externally with the BBC’s suppliers.

When you consider the sheer quantity of clips, films, packages and other source materials that are received by the BBC every day, that is quite a task and one which is crucial to maintaining the BBC’s reputation and worldwide brand.

Congratulations Matt on your recent promotion and we wish you continued good luck!