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Scott Fair

Graduate Profile – Head of Synchronisation Licensing, Woodwork Music

“I meet regularly with several of my classmates to chat about industry stuff and life in general, they’re a great bunch of people. I’m also in regular contact via messaging with a good friend I made on the course who’s now living a bit further away”, Scott told us when visiting recently to use one of our studios; the conversation started with talking about how Futureworks is such a close-knit community – “I worked on a student film during one summer that was organised by a lecturer from another course. I knew no-one else on set before getting involved so it was as close to a real-world experience as you could hope for and I felt tremendous pride afterwards.”

“The studios at Futureworks are better equipped, the students seemed more engaged in general and the other media courses within the building presented opportunities for collaboration across courses”, Scott said, which is great considering he transferred to Futureworks from a different institution.

Scott was in to use our D-Control 5.1 Studio for a private project. Something we pride ourselves on is our continued relationship with our graduates, and if there’s space available then alumni can utilise Futureworks’ industry-standard technology and advice for their real-world projects.

We had to let Scott get on with work, so we finished with one final question, what did Scott learn from Futureworks that he would take with him for the rest of his life?

“I owe where I am now directly to help from a Futureworks lecturer, it doesn’t get any more significant than that. I went to university hoping to get away from a boring job and find out a bit more about myself and where I wanted to end up. I inadvertently ended up landing a life changing career for which I am eternally grateful, I owe a lot of that to my decision to go to Futureworks.”

Check out Scott on LinkedIn here.