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Girls Make Games!

We hosted the UK’s first Girls Make Games event and it was great!

In an effort to inspire the next generation of bidding game developers, our very own Caoimhe Roddy teamed up with Girls Make Games to run an event hosted at Futureworks.

Along with a handful of experts, the young designers got involved with making their very own video games! Parents enjoyed a relaxing cuppa, whilst the kids jumped straight in. Learning the basics of video game physics and how the entire design process works, they all came out with knowledge and an experience to remember.

“It’s great, she’s learned so much!” one parent told us, “And I’ve had a look round Futureworks too, the whole place is amazing, it’s certainly inspired her to keep at it!”

Futureworks provided goodie bags for the designers, and it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time!

You can keep up to date with the adventures of Caoimhe on her twitter here.