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Robert Booth

Graduate Profile – Location Sound Recordist, Noise Four

Starting out on our Diploma in Audio Engineering & Production, Robert (Or Rob, as he prefers) got a taste for audio for picture. He then applied to continue his studies and got himself a place on our BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production Degree course. “The Mixing for Picture Module was my favourite – When I was introduced to the world of sound for film, my interest in the course veered heavily towards working in the field. The knowledge of how stories are told effectively and how sound plays a part in it has lead me to where I am today, in fact!”

Inspired by the fantastic film Interstellar, Rob found himself keen as ever to work with visual teams to create something immersive and artistic, “I love Interstellar, the mix of an expansive story with great visuals and sound, an incredible soundtrack and powerful performances is such a feat unlike anything else. Tell me I’m wrong!”

“The ability to talk to and work with industry experts, along with the encouragement and enthusiasm of the tutors is what set Futureworks apart for me”, Rob told us. And when we asked him about his favourite piece of work he answered “The most fun project I’ve worked on professionally would be an Bradford City AFC documentary, as I’m very interested in football, and seeing how a football club is run day to day while doing my job was dreamy!”

Rob still drops by from time to time to utilise the facilities for his projects – something we’re happy to do is help our alumni along with jobs where they may need to drop in to run something through in our studios when they’re on a tight deadline! Last time Rob was here, some students managed to catch up with him for some inspiration.

“Futureworks offers the ability to talk to and work with industry experts, it’s unlike anything else”, the students were told. “If you have a passion for what you want to do then you’ll come on leaps and bounds, provided you’re willing to put the work in!”

We think that’s pretty good advice, Rob!