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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

Unconditional offers – why we offer them and what they mean for applicants

Futureworks aspires to be recognised as the first choice for students who want top quality, vocational and relevant education which will lead to sustainable employment in the creative industries.

We are looking for the best students to be part of Futureworks and we understand that this will include applicants who may not have the required qualifications, but do have the industry experience and/or passion to succeed. We believe that these applicants will make a significant contribution to our community and play a positive part in the world-class educational experience we aim to give our students.

We are committed to enabling these applicants to study with us and our aim is that by awarding unconditional offers post interview in some exceptional circumstances, they will have the confidence to excel through one of our degree programmes.

We believe that it’s important to meet all prospective students individually to ensure that our course is right for their skills and aspirations and that they have the full picture of what the studying at Futureworks entails. If an application is successful, the applicant will be invited to attend an interview. After the interview, we may identify that an applicant is someone who has the qualities to succeed at Futureworks, and who will gain immensely from their time with us. Giving an unconditional offer demonstrates our belief that an applicant has the necessary qualities to succeed on one of our degree programmes.

We also hope that, in some cases, having an unconditional offer will help to reduce some of the pressure we know students feel when applying for university and taking their exams and they will be able to focus on achieving excellent grades which will help them work with their passion to excel at their chosen field of study and career.

The criteria for receiving an unconditional offer will vary across the degree programmes, as different qualities are needed to succeed within different creative practices. However, all programmes will include a minimum GCSE English/Maths attainment level or equivalent, in addition to an excellent personal statement and reference.

It should be noted that not being made an unconditional offer does not exclude applicants from being given a standard conditional offer at Futureworks and we value these applicants equally.