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What Uni? Student Choice Awards 2020

The Neve Studio

Step into our largest live room, designed with an unerring focus on music. Its sound environment, warm and expansive, adapts seamlessly to your requirements, whether you’re a solo singer-songwriter or are creating a full-on production. This space couples custom-built vintage hardware with tried and tested classics, crafting a unique soundscape where tradition meets innovation.

Every aspect of the studio, from its industrial acoustic design to its spacious layout, is crafted with precision, ensuring that the magic you create within these walls translates flawlessly into your finished product. The authenticity of what you hear in this studio is exactly what you get to bring home.

If your experience has been confined to mixing inside the box, it’s time to step out and embrace this new dimension of sound. You’ll be amazed at the transformative power of the Neve VR Legend, our 32-channel Avid HD setup, the Dynaudio M3s and Digidesign/PMC RM2 monitors, and the pantheon of revered outboard equipment such as the Lexicon 480L, LA-2A, 1176, AMS RMX16, Distressor, and Pultec eqp-1a. Welcome to the future of sound, where every beat tells a story.

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