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Update: Tuesday 13th October

It has been fantastic to see students returning and we’re really proud of our staff and students acting responsibly and working with us through this most unusual period. 

Over the last few days our COVID response team have noted a small spike in the number of students and staff who are isolating as a result of positive COVID tests. In light of this we have decided to temporarily move all teaching online.

By taking this action now we can further control the number of people coming on campus, allowing us to keep our facilities open for you to use for independent study and practical work.

We aim to return to our mix of in-class and online delivery week commencing 19th October.  Students may continue to use the classrooms to participate in online classes if they lack the facilities to do so at home. Importantly, the campus is still open to students who wish to use it.

In the short term these measures may result in some changes to your scheduled lectures and your tutors will already have been in touch to let you know how these affect you. In doing this now we are able to resume face to face teaching sooner rather than later. 

This decision does not affect lectures at the MediaCity Studio, and if you have face-to-face lectures there then these will continue.  Of course, we will be keeping a track of all activities at the studio and will inform you if this situation changes.

We appreciate  this is not an ideal situation however we feel it is important to take these steps now to control the spread of the infection and protect students and staff. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Head of School or your Programme Leader


Update: Friday 11th September

It’s induction week 1, and we’re really excited to see new students arriving every day! Everything is in place to make sure you can study with us safely and still get the full Futureworks experience. 

We’ve also received updated guidance from the Department for Education this week on COVID response planning, and we’ve updated our own procedures in line with this. You can read our new Outbreak Response Plan here.

We’re really excited about this new academic year, and can’t wait to welcome you to the Futureworks community. Stay safe!


Update: Friday 3rd July

In advance of reopening on Monday 6th July we thought it might be useful to our students and staff to be able to see the detailed planning that has gone into protecting everyone’s wellbeing over the coming months.

We’ve put together a comprehensive Return to Work Plan which sets out what precautions have been taken and what new systems are in place to support everyone back on campus. You can download our Return to Work Plan here.

Contained within the plan are also links to our detailed risk assessments as well as provisions for tightening and relaxing the new measures we’ve put in place.

Don’t forget, if you’re thinking about coming into catch up on some work from next week you’ll need to book – you can speak to your tutors for more information about how to do this. Stay safe!


Update: Wednesday 24th June

As government restrictions and the risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic lessens, the Futureworks team is eager to return to work, and to settle into the new normal.

After much consideration and safety planning Futureworks is pleased to be able to announce that we will be opening to staff from Monday 29th June. We will be opening to students from Monday 6th July as previously announced.

To facilitate everyone’s safe return to work we have put many new control measures in place around the buildings. Further information will follow shortly on the details of these measures and there will be information posted around the building to guide you. We appreciate your cooperation in supporting the new health and safety rules and your understanding in the dynamic nature of the situation. Safety measures will be constantly reviewed by management and will change over time.

We expect that the majority of staff will return gradually and that people will work with their line managers to determine the most appropriate working arrangements for people on an individual basis.

We look forward to seeing you again and working safely into the new normal.


Update: Wednesday 17th June

Great news! We’re now able to confirm that Futureworks will be reopening for existing students on July 6th, with new measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’re already a Futureworks student, we’ll be getting in touch with details of how you can access our facilities over the summer.

We’re also pleased to be able to update you on our plans for September. As we announced last week, enrolment and induction will take place between Monday 7th and Friday 18th September with teaching scheduled to begin week commencing Monday 21st September. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, so things will be a little bit different this year:

  • Practical lessons and activities which require specialised learning resources will be offered face to face wherever possible.
  • Other learning activities, including lectures, will be delivered as usual but with an option to join remotely, or to attend in person, subject to social distancing and safety measures.
  • Students will be given an opportunity to tell us how they would prefer their support meetings to take place e.g. in person, over the phone, or online.

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible while ensuring the best possible learning experience for our students. We’ll be sharing more information about what to expect in September over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we’re here to help, and if you have any questions you can reach us by email:, by phone: 0161 214 4602 or via Messenger.


Update: Wednesday 10th June

An exciting update today! We’ve been working hard to get things ready for September and can now confirm some key information for both new and returning students.

  • We’ll be reopening for existing students in July, which will enable students to safely use our studios and classrooms over the summer – we’ll confirm the exact date over the coming weeks.
  • Enrolment and induction will take place between Monday 7th – Friday 18th September. We’ll be allocating specific time slots when students will need to attend in person, and we will send out further information over the summer with full details of how to complete everything.
  • Teaching will begin on Monday 21st September – you’ll get the timetable for your class closer to the time.
  • Enrolment, induction and teaching will take a blended approach of online and in-person, combining face-to-face teaching and support with online delivery. We’re working over the summer to make sure we provide the safest possible environment for our students so you’ll still have access to our amazing facilities.

While there’s still much work to do, we’re really excited about reopening and about the amazing opportunities ahead of us to explore new technology and ways of working with our students.

We will continue to provide you with as much information as possible over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your course, enrolment or anything else, please get in touch with us by email, phone or messenger and we’ll get straight back to you.

See you in September!


Update: Tuesday 29th April

While Futureworks remains closed, we’re still here to support our students, applicants and graduates, as we always are, and you should get in touch if you have any questions at all.

We’re also busy preparing for September, to make sure everything is ready our returning students, and also for all our new students starting with us this year.

We’ll be updating this page with more information as it becomes available. Until then, work hard, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Update: Tuesday 24th March

Following the Government’s decision impose a three-week nationwide lock-down, Futureworks will be completely closed to staff and students after today.

This means that from 6pm today (Tuesday 24th March 2020), you will not be able to access the Futureworks building. This decision will be reviewed and updated as and when the Government’s position changes.


Update: Tuesday 17th March

As of Tuesday 17th March, Futureworks moved 100% of its lesson delivery to an online-only format for the remainder of the academic year. Students should contact their tutors for details of how to access learning materials and support.

No matter what course you’re on, please be assured that academic standards are not being put at risk and that no student will be unfairly affected by the actions Futureworks is taking during this crisis.


If you have any questions you should email or speak to your tutor. Alternatively you can speak to the Department for Education COVID-19 helpline on 0800 046 8687.


Frequently asked questions

We understand that you many questions surrounding accommodation for the next academic year.

Everyone will be in a unique situation and so, although we will not be able to provide all of the answers for your questions, we would like to offer some guidance.

Ask questions!

All accommodation providers will have different expectations and offers for students next year; this is an unprecedented situation and there will be a number of responses to your questions. You should speak to each provider directly and ask them the questions you need answering. It may be that they also don’t have the answers as yet, but it is important that you speak to them and establish contact.

We know that a number of accommodation providers we work with are allowing flexible start dates for the academic year, so that if a university has to delay the term start date, the student is not bound to move in before they need. Please speak to the accommodation provider you are considering and ask them specifically about flexible start dates.

If you are unable to view a property, check the provider website for a virtual tour; many of the accommodation providers we work with have these available to view. It will be daunting to sign up for accommodation without viewing it beforehand, and this is the next best thing to being able to visit in person.

It is usual for students to sign a fixed year contract for accommodation providers; this means that if you are not happy with your accommodation you have to remain there for the full year, or lose your money. If you are unable to view a property, please ask your accommodation provider how the contract would stand should this happen.

It is really important that you contact the Customer Services of whichever accommodation provider you are interested in and talk to them about your concerns. We would also recommend that you get their answers in writing wherever possible.

Think about your options

We know that the big question everyone is asking is whether to live in student accommodation or stay living at home while you study. We can’t answer that for you, but you should consider a few key points when making your decision.

Are you considered to be at high risk from coronavirus? e.g. you’ve had an organ transplant, you are having cancer treatment or you have a high risk of getting an infection.

Are you considered to be  at high risk from coronavirus? e.g. you are pregnant, have diabetes or are taking medication that can affect the immune system.

See for full details of these groups.

Does anyone you currently live with fall into the above categories?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you need to talk to your family, friends and carers and ask for their advice.

Can you afford to commute? It can be expensive to travel to and from home to university; you need to work out how much it would cost and whether this will be affordable for you.

If you are considering commuting, think about how you will travel; are you happy spending time on public transport? Is there a convenient, affordable and accessible car park?

Will you need to work? Traditional student jobs in bars, fast food outlets, coffee shops, retail etc are likely to be less available and highly sought after. It is worth considering whether you would be financially better off at home.

Will you be worried about where you are living? You should consider whether living at home or living in accommodation will be better for your mental health. If you are going to worry about your accommodation not being what you want, or the thought of living away from home fills you with anxiety, it may be better for you to stay at home this year. You can always live away from home the following year. Alternatively, you may have been looking forward to living independently, feel it is a vital part of university life and that you would be missing out on an important part of the student experience if you stayed at home.

Speak to other applicants/students

The Student Room is an online forum used by many students around the UK. Have a look at what other people in your position are thinking about:

Remember that these are only opinions, but it may help you to make your decision.

Finally, remember this is a unique and unprecedented situation. Students around the world will be having the same thoughts and questions as you, and these are questions that previous students have not had to consider in the same way.  The next year of studying will be a different experience for everyone.

There is no right answer, only what is right for you. Speak to your friends and family and make the decision which is best for you.

Yes, however, Futureworks is planning to be open to staff from Monday 29th June, and open to existing students from Monday 6th July.

The health and wellbeing of our staff and students is at the forefront of our decision making. We have put in a wide range of distancing measures around the campus and are working diligently to keep everyone safe.

Online-only delivery will continue until the end of the academic year. This means that lessons will take place online until August 31st 2020; however, for most students this will effectively be April 31st, when timetabled teaching delivery for Academic Year 2019/20 ends.

As of 26/06/20 there is no scheduled teaching activity in the current academic year, so this is no longer a concern. We're opening to existing students on July 6th, although you'll need to 'book-in' to do so (details will be made available soon).

No. Futureworks will do everything possible to ensure that there is no detrimental affect on student outcomes or academic quality.

You’ll need to speak to your tutor or Programme Leader for questions about specific courses, modules or assessments – each course is adopting a different approach to lesson delivery to ensure the least disruption possible.

Your tutor will be in touch with you to determine a way of assessing the work you have done to date against the learning outcomes for your modules.  This will enable us to determine a bespoke approach to assessment of student work that suits each group.