Student Voice

At Futureworks we encourage and welcome feedback on all aspects of the student experience and we ensure that systems are in place to give our students a voice. Our courses are designed for you and the best way for us to improve our courses, facilities and services that we offer is by listening to what you have to say.

Student representatives

A student rep is a student who is elected by their class to represent their fellow students’ views and opinions to Futureworks. Student reps are elected for each cohort of a programme within each School, and should be able to work proactively and diplomatically to improve the academic and non-academic experiences of all students.

As a student rep you will gather feedback from your fellow students and put their views forward once a semester at a Programme Committee meeting. Your course leader, tutors and representatives from Facilities and Student Services will be at these meetings and they give you all the chance to discuss how things are going and what we can look at enhancing in order to improve things across not only your course but your department and across the whole of Futureworks.

At the heart of being a student rep is the ability to create change but you will also develop valuable transferable skills and make new friendships.

Senior student reps

As well as student reps, there are a small number of senior student reps to represent the student body at institutional level meetings. The Education Board provides a forum for students to engage in the Futureworks institutional-level decision-making process and senior student reps will be expected to sit on the Board. Senior student reps are expected to provide input from the student body and contribute to decisions which will affect all students within Futureworks. They give students a voice within Futureworks at a management level which helps to promote a partnership between both staff and students.

Senior student reps may also be asked to join in with external quality monitoring processes.

Students’ Union

As a degree student, you will automatically become a member of the Students Union (SU) at our partner University. The SU is the representative body for all partner University students and exists as a separate organisation to the University. Their mission is to “make life better for students” and each year they hold elections for a student affairs committee. It is a great way to get involved in a democratic body which involves students at every level of decision making.

The SU offers a wide range of facilities which you can access, including societies and sports teams, volunteering opportunities and advice and representation. For more information about what the SU has to offer visit their website.